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Hola chicos , chicas y seres antropomorficos, para los que me seguian anteriormente decidi separar mis trabajos de mi blog personal, a los nuevos, este es mi blog dedicado a la mayoria de mis trabajos
"Hello guys, girls and all other anthropomorphic beings
For those of you that used to follow me previously: please know that I decided to split my works from my personal blog, this being the one that I'll be using to showcase my works.
To newcomers: Welcome, this is a blog dedicated to most of my works."
be careful if you’re running in really tight shorts
By :Doctor-Anfelo
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I’m planning to make some stickers for my notebook next semester so i made this XD 
What is the worst movie you've ever seen?

Dragon ball z evolution , the last airbender , The house of the dead the movie , etc 

jimiparadise asked:
Interview? :P

But i’m not really famous to have an interview xDu 

massimodragon asked:
Not an ask but I really enjoy your work and what you do, you're great!

Thank you so much ! <3

javika1 asked:
Have you seen madoka Magica Rebellion?

Yup i love madoka magica 

Bad guy 
Done by&#160;:Doctor-Anfelo 
lihhsave asked:
You like American Horror Story?

yeah of course 

Hey, love your art style! It always brightens up my day. Any good reference sites/tutorials you'd recommend? You have obviously practiced with anatomy and muscles a lot, and I'd love to work on being able to grasp different body shapes better.

Thank you so much , well about the anatomy i use this book

It’s like my bible about anatomy , but there’s a lot of good tutorials and of course andrew loomis books, those are good and you can find them in internet everywhere ,  , another key is of course work with real models  (pictures)  in my case i see the different kind of faces in pictures , that help you to create different expressions and well shape of bodies , sizes of muscles , etc , about the shading as you can see i’m still learning so xD i owe you that one , thanks for the question and remember the key is practice a lot :)