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Hola chicos , chicas y seres antropomorficos, para los que me seguian anteriormente decidi separar mis trabajos de mi blog personal, a los nuevos, este es mi blog dedicado a la mayoria de mis trabajos
"Hello guys, girls and all other anthropomorphic beings
For those of you that used to follow me previously: please know that I decided to split my works from my personal blog, this being the one that I'll be using to showcase my works.
To newcomers: Welcome, this is a blog dedicated to most of my works."

Doctor Anfelo is in Facebook too

Hello guys i have a facebook page too , so if you could help me hiting the like button will be amazing <3 ! Thanks for all the support 

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Quick portrait of myself 
Will you draw a picture of me?

Sure comissions are still open :) 

Early training 
Done by&#160;: Doctor-Anfelo
Quick sketch before go to bed :)&#160;! 
wolfven asked:
Muy buenos tus trabajos! Felicitaciones! Y leí que resides aqui, en vzla lo que causa mas orgullo

Muchas gracias :) !! Un saludito a todos los venezolanos de aca que me siguen  

naughtykoopa asked:
Heyo! How much you charge for commissions

Here’s the pricelist :) !