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Hola chicos , chicas y seres antropomorficos, para los que me seguian anteriormente decidi separar mis trabajos de mi blog personal, a los nuevos, este es mi blog dedicado a la mayoria de mis trabajos
"Hello guys, girls and all other anthropomorphic beings
For those of you that used to follow me previously: please know that I decided to split my works from my personal blog, this being the one that I'll be using to showcase my works.
To newcomers: Welcome, this is a blog dedicated to most of my works."
Im not going to ask your personal life i just want to remind you that you are an amazing person who draws equally amazingly.

Awww I wish to be that awesome thank you so much :3 

mrstrategist asked:
Yeah! Your personal life is your own business!! Now about your drawing, they are so awesome! Continue to draw and continue to post them so I have some good drawings to stare at!

Thank you so much , Dont worry i will :) !! thanks for the support *u* 

jaycecuteau replied to your post: “jaycecuteau replied to your post: Hello Please read you havent…”:
That is a reasonable response~ ooooh you just wait till i get my monies~

here’s the info 

jaycecuteau replied to your post: Hello Please read

you havent reacted to my commision request yet q.q

I’m waiting you’re sure about the payment since you told me you’ll be able to pay next month


Hello Please read

Well hello guys , thanks for the messages and the support , i want to ask you a favor that avoid send me asks and questions about my personal life and even more about my bf that’s something really personal and i avoid to mix my personal life with my art …, I precisely created this tumblr to focus just in my art , I’m sorry But i’ll ignore any question not related with art. Thank you so much 


By: Doctor-Anfelo 
accampos526 asked:
Wow I love your artwork! I've been wanting to learn how to draw/illustrate on the computer. Do you have any words of advise for a beginner? Any recommended books? What computer programs do you use?

Mmmmmm a good start it’s to have the right tools to work , your tablet and a good program to do sketchs , I use SAI and PS , but i prefer to sketch in Sai , for books i use one for anatomy , but there’s a lot in internet , i recommend you to check some online , about the programs , Paint tool SAI it’s really handful and basic , Photoshop to shading  

Well I don’t know why you guys ask me for advise hahaha I’m not really a professional, But I’m glad to help x3 


michgrigo asked:
Dude, I just bought a dokkun book with an story of yours and I need to say, your art is fucking beautiful! Please, keep your nice work!

Thanks you so much <3!! 

So something that I'm curious about: As an artist and an erotic artist I'm sure you get a confidence boost when someone mentions how they utilize your works. Since you can create content do you ever make something that is like something only you would like instead of having to search for it and do you feel as though it is weird to "appreciate" your own works because they are your own?

 i have to be honest is pretty rare when people have the confidence to tell they use my works for (Display or reposts ) , i think it’s TMI when people say they use them for other purposes hahaha , well of course when i like a male character and i wanted him in underwear cause reasons , (case of videogames or manga) and i have the talent to do it but well  i do it hahaha , happened with muscle rider and professor birch x3