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Hola chicos , chicas y seres antropomorficos, para los que me seguian anteriormente decidi separar mis trabajos de mi blog personal, a los nuevos, este es mi blog dedicado a la mayoria de mis trabajos
"Hello guys, girls and all other anthropomorphic beings
For those of you that used to follow me previously: please know that I decided to split my works from my personal blog, this being the one that I'll be using to showcase my works.
To newcomers: Welcome, this is a blog dedicated to most of my works."

AdamMaleBlog - Gay Culture, Music, Sex Advice, and more!: Bara Logic: An Interview w/ Illustrator Doctor Anfelo

Yesterday I got an interesting and funny interview with AdamMaleblog , it was a really amazing experience and my first real interview, thank you guys it was really funny, here’s the interview if you want to read it , bara

Sketch of my new comic 
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Ok I’m going to sleep now Yes is hook 
Do you have a denviart account by any chance? O.o cause I swear you e visto tu arte en otro site

Yes my Deviant ID is Anfelo , hey if you saw my art in other site please tell me :) 

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Oops i did it again (8) 
I wanna be drawnnn

Sure! Comissions are open :) 

Quickly sketch , Yes it is bayonetta xD
wanted to say you have been doing an amazing job love the way you draw it brighten one of my days up in the past and the anatomy is so cool i have hard time doing anatomy i was also wondering do you have anything of your characters or other in animal hats i think there really cute

Awww thank you so Much , Yes anatomy is really a problem sometimes X_X !! , mmmmm well i havent draw animal hats since…. well i dont know hahaha,  2010? sorry .w.